Mold Found In Fine Arts Building



-Athens, GA Mold has been found in the Fine Arts Building and has professors and students wondering if their health is in jeopardy.

According to the CDC Black Mold is not deadly but it can cause “unique and rare” health issues.

University Theatre professor, George Contini is just moving back into his office after the discovery and removal of mold.

“I had been having some health issues and being really prone to infections and my doctor was pretty certain that it was coming from some sort of mold or atmospheric problem in my office,” Contini says.

The Theatre Department head said UGA was quick to respond to the office cleanup but is asking that the rest of the building be tested.

“It seems certainly possible and even likely (but we don’t yet) that if there was mold in one space in the basement that it probably wasn’t contained to that one office. So I’m planning to request that we test other areas.”

Facilities Management removed the carpet, repainted, and replaced the air conditioner in Contini’s office but students are still concerned.

“I spend a lot of time in this building and I don’t want my health to be compromise because there’s toxic black mold in the building that I spend 95 percent of my time in,” exclaims Suzanne Zoller, a third year theatre major. “I feel it’s the university’s job to provide a safe work environment for not only the faculty but for their students.”

The topic of mold is currently on the agenda for a University Theatre faculty meeting. One professor says they will be collecting past doctor’s notes to take to the University to make a formal request for more mold testing.

Jeffrey McNair


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  • James

    great info thank you guys.
    about the dangers that the mold can cause to the health, i think that it’s all about the type of the mold and its toxicity!

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