Morning Webcast 4/18

Good morning and thank you for joining me, I’m Leah Goldman. I am going to run through our top stories coming out of the morning meeting today.

Thunderstorms and severe weather are on it’s way to Georiga. Right now the bad weather is over Arkansas and Missouri and it slowly making it’s way east. This is part of a cold front moving in. A head of the cold front is where we will see the rain and storms. All set to hit our neck of the woods tomorrow morning. Weather reporter James Brierton might join me later this afternoon for more updates.

Another heart breaking story for our already greiving country. A fertilizer and chemical plant in West, TX exploded last night. The terrible explosion left over 180 wounded and an estimated 5 to 15 people dead. Our reporter Martha Kim will be talking to experts here in Athens to see just how dangerous these fertilizer plants are or if this was just a freak accident.

On a lighter note, don’t have anything to do this weekend? Well Athens and UGA has you covered. Our reporter Catherine Ellis will be covering the main event, Relay for Life. Relay is scheduled for this Friday but don’t worry they will have a rain plan if the bad weather continues into the night. And I will give you the full rundown of events happening in Athens this weekend in your midday webcast.

As always, I will also be keeping you updated on our top stories: the Boston Bombings, the texas plant explosion, and of course any breaking news on Facebook and Twitter. For your morning webcast, I’m Leah Goldman.

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