Multi-state Identity Theft Case Busted

Featured image: Angela Davida Miller

Athens, Ga-

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office busts a multi-state identity theft case. They have signed 12 warrants on identity theft charges.  It all started around 11:30 AM yesterday Corporal Clark Sparrow was parked by 316 with another Deputy when the tag reader system in his car went off for a suspended registration on a vehicle.

The Sheriff’s Office says that led to the identity thief who has been stealing identities all over the southeast.
Corporal Sparrow and Deputy Kendall White initially arrested 32-year-old Angela Davida Miller for a vehicle and license suspension. They quickly discover she was stealing people’s identity.

Corporal Clark Sparrow says, “She went off the roadway with her passenger side tire, yes ran off the road then corrected. Turned off her GPS system and then she pulled into a local business, assisted living community. And I got her stopped in a parking space. She was very nervous and when I asked her what she was actually doing there she said she was applying for a job, but she was wearing a dirty tee shirt and blue jeans.”

Deputy White adds, “If you talk to people, their responses they will tell on themselves. If they’re lying they’re going to lie there going to continue to try and cover up another lie. And if they are telling the truth they are going to maintain steady.”

They found that her license was suspended for not showing up in court for past traffic violation. During a routine inventory of the car’s items, Corporal Sparrow then discovered an altered compartment where she hid a printer, fake ID’s, fraudulent checks and other personal documents.

“She was taking your outgoing mail out and looking for utility bills things that she knows you are sending your checks out or your method of payment, credit card numbers She is going into those documents and removing your financial information, routing numbers, account numbers, and printing them on fake checks she gets at the store”, says Corporal Sparrow.

Corporal Sparrow says identity theft was probably Miller’s main source of income. He also gave some tips to try and avoid ID theft. 1. Keep a close watch at your bank account. 2. Any mail with personal account information, take to a post office instead of your personal mailbox. 3. Don’t keep the same passwords on different utility payments.

Angela Miller is currently in holding in the Oconee County jail on charges related to identity theft.


Martha Kim


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    Cant believe someone could have that many fake id charges!

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