New Brewery Looking For Home

OGLETHORPE– Officials in Oglethorpe County are hoping to bring a new brewery to the community and Big Springs Brewing Company is looking for a place to call home. However, the match between the two might not be a simple one.

The people of Oglethorpe, including Lexington Mayor Rick Berry, are excited about the prospect of a new opportunity for the community.

“It opens doors for the possibility for our young people who have another place where they can look for employment,” says Mayor Berry.

Big Springs founder, Matt Casey, says that the company originally wanted to be based in Athens. After those location plans fell through, the attention turned to the city of Crawford in Oglethorpe. He says he is grateful for the support the company has received from locals, but Big Springs is still “really determined to open in Athens.”

Mayor Berry says that even if the county misses out on Big Springs, the hope for a new brewery will not be lost.




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