Oconee County Jailer Explains His Love for the Job

Watkinsville, GA — One shift supervisor at a local county jail says he couldn’t see himself working anywhere else.  Sergeant Doug Baxter is an Oconee County native who started working at the Oconee County jail eight years ago. Before starting at the jail, he served seven years in the United States Army and worked as a diesel mechanic for several years after that.

He says he had never been in a jail before his first day.  He admits it was a pretty rocky day, but by his second day, he says he just couldn’t leave. Reporter Kenna Rodgers met Sgt. Baxter to find out just why he loves this job so much.

Sgt. Baxter says his favorite part is easy.  It’s interacting with the inmates and studying the sociology of everything around him.  He says you never know who you will meet and “where” you will meet them that day.  When it comes to his least favorite part of the job, that’s a little harder to answer.  He says there is not really anything he does not like about his job.

In fact, he says he loves his position so much that he decided to stay in the jail, even after he had the opportunity to leave and become a road deputy.