Oconee Police Body Cams

There’s one more bill that would impact law enforcement that didn’t make it out of the General Assembly this year. It’s a law that would have mandated that police wear body cameras. Despite the bill’s failure to pass some local law enforcement officers are testing the equipment and think its a good idea.Tuesday night, Oconnee Sheriff Scott Berry and Captain Jimmy Williams requested from the Board of Commisioners that the county purchase the cameras. 

The cameras hook into a small transmitter on the officer’s belt that then stores that information on their onboard computers. Captain Williams, in charge of communications at the Department, says they want the body cameras for officer safety.

 The purchase will also include onboard computer units. The equipment would be bought from the Motorola Company, which also supplies the station with some of their walkie talkies. Thanks to an agreement with the company, technology that could have cost the county as much as three quarters of a million dollars will instead cost half a million. The board will decide on the deal on April 7th.


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