A local priest says recent remarks by the Pope are on the right track!

Father Gaurav Shroff  of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church is referring to a recent interview with Pope Francis when he said Catholics need to worry less about gays, abortion, and contraception.

Father Gaurav Schroff wants to see faces in these pews. Tori Muschiano wants to sit in one.

She hopes that the Pope’s words will make her feel more welcome.

Tori says, “I think It’s going to take some time for people to grasp what he has said. I think some people might think that he might just be saying that, although I personally don’t think so because  I think not just his, but a lot of peoples’ mindset over time, you know it’s the 21st century, we’ve come to a better understanding of it, why it exists, and why people are the way they are.”

The Catholic Church is against gay marriage, abortion, and euthanization. Father Gaurav says that before they are against any of that, they get to know the person first.

Father Gaurav, “the church does not condemn any person, regardless of what they are struggling with. That’s not the teaching of the church.”Regardless of him welcoming gays to church, this does not make Tori feel that much better about it.

“I’m going to wait for however long that is, and and let it simmer, and I might go maybe  within the next year and see how it is.”



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