Record Long Lines for Early Voting

Many Athens voters are coming out to the polls early to vote in the 2016 Election. Some have always done it, some just want it to be over already. Most of the people in line today are anticipating higher-than-usual turnout on November 8th, but several of them were surprised to see how many other people came today to beat the election day crowd.

“I didn’t realize there would be this many people today,” said Ruth Anne Handcock, in line with her husband, John. They were determined to wait out the line. “We want our vote to count. Something might happen between now and November 8th.”


The Vice President of the Athens-Clarke Board of Elections, Charles Knapper, was out in line with the voters, handing out sample ballots. He had an explanation for the record turn out. “It’s because of… this election. We have two interesting candidates for president, and everyone has an opinion.”

The polls are scheduled to close at 5PM today. Tune into Grady Newsource Facebook Live this afternoon for updates.

-By Daniel Bignault



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