By Danielle Herman

Controversy over the alleged racial slur in the name of a drink at a local bar has caused a firestorm on social media, and the fallout hasn’t stopped yet.

After a photo of an alleged drink menu began circulating social media on Monday, General Beauregard’s closed its doors for the week. In a statement to Grady Newsource Tuesday, owner Daniel Simmons claimed he had no knowledge of the image claiming to be a General’s drink menu.

“The circled drink included in the picture is not something we have ever served to customers or advertised and would never be approved by ownership, Simmons said. “We are investigating the origin of this photograph, and will take appropriate action to resolve this matter as needed.”

Despite Simmons’ denials, Generals shut down its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Tuesday night.

Many UGA students said they feel unwelcome while enjoying the downtown bars (such as General’s), faced with racial discrimination from multiple establishments.

Mayor Nancy Denson said she was wary of the legitimacy of the photo of the alleged item, and had some simple advice for those who feel threatened.


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  • Bill Johnson

    I have traversed the Athens bar seen quite frequently for four years and have never seen an African American denied entry because of skin color. That’s not to say it hasn’t happened but many of these supposed discrimination claims are due to dress code only. Many bars strictly enforce conservative styles of dress for males: no earrings, guages, piercings, or baggy clothing. If you are going out, you should expect this and dress appropriately. Although it’s nice going to class in casual wear, we should expect more from ourselves when going downtown to meet people.

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