Rose of Athens Theatre Holding Auditions

For all of the theatre lovers out there, this might be your time to shine.

The Rose of Athens Theatre will be hosting auditions for everything from Winnie the Pooh and Charlotte’s Web to Shakespeare.

The auditions will be at the Seynee Stovall Chapel on North Milledge, right behind the Varsity.

The auditions are next Wednesday ,August 28th and Thursday August 29th from 6:00-9:00PM.

Other plays the theatre will be doing include a “Donkey” by local playwright John Patrick Bray in Fall of 2013, “Victorian Carolers” this December, and Twelfth Night in June of 2014 at the Ashford Manor.

Carina McGeehin is the general manager at the Rose of Athens Theatre. She says that the anyone in the community is welcome to audition.

McGeehin says, “Our motto is professional theatre, community spirit. So we like to walk the line as a professional theatre, so we pay everyone, as well as a community theatre so everyone has a good time as well.”

People auditioning need to have two monologues and one song prepared. If you are interested in auditioning you can email the Rose of Athens Director, Danielle Miller ,at


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