Sanford Stadium Ensures Safety

UGA athletic officials believe Stanford Stadium is secure inside and out, and that they do not believe the fatality that resulted from a fan falling at a Braves game in Turner Field will happen here.

With football season between the hedges comes the possibility of a fatal incident with nearly 100,000 people crammed into such a small space.

A UGA Assistant Athletic Director says that stadiums have guidelines that they must meet in order to host events.

“The Athletic Department builds all their stadiums according to the code by which stadiums must abide by,” claims the official.

Sanford Stadium has taken necessary precautions according to their stadium policies.  Ushers inside the stadium will assist patrons to seats if necessary, along with uniformed police officers located at different points all over the stadium keeping things in order.

The safety of the fan extends from the seats to the minute he or she leaves the game.

The official says that they are compliant with the height of the stands in the concourses.

Though quite unanticipated, this sort of accident has happened before at stadiums around the country.

A Tennessee fan passed away last season after he fell 45 feet in the Georgia Dome during a football game.


By: Patrick Bender and Ian Saunders






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