UPDATE: Barrow County has a number of safety measures in place. The school system say it does not plan on updating any safety measures after the shooting because they trust in the ones already in place.

President Trump tweeted this morning in support of arming trained teachers. Local school boards here are not discussing this idea. Reporter Robin McEntire checked in with local schools here too see what they are doing to keep students safe.

Local schools in the Northeast Georgia area are working to inform parents that safety is at the top of its lists. Many counties have posted statements on their websites about the safety measures in place.

Oconee County Board of Education released a statement saying, although it won’t discuss specific protocol, safety is its number one concern. Clarke County Board of Education posted on its website that it is partnering with an organization called Safe Haven International. The organization will complete a safety audit of the school, giving recommendations for improvements by June 5. Jackson County Board of Education said it has reviewed safety plans at each school and posted an article on how to discuss the latest violence with kids.

A parent in Madison County spoke to the board about placing metal detectors in its schools. Grady Newsource reached out to Madison County Board of Education about this, but has not received a response.

The Athens-Clarke County police said it takes every threat seriously to keep students safe.

“If we didn’t take a threat seriously, and then God Forbid it was an actual threat, then we didn’t act and we didn’t act appropriately to insure the safety of the kids in our school system,” said Epifanio Rodriguez, Public Information Officer in Athens-Clarke County.

Arming teachers with guns is not a discussion point with local boards even after the president’s tweet. Local schools say they are making school safety a top priority, but this does not involve arming trained teachers in the classrooms.


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