Secure Your Valuables Before You Leave for The Holidays

As University of Georgia students head home for the holidays, their apartments and homes are vulnerable to theft.

“We do see, unfortunately, an uptick in burglaries when students leave for Thanksgiving break, additionally Christmas break,” Geoffrey Gilland, the public information assistant with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department said.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department’s community outreach division created a list of things students and others can do to keep their homes safe.

Hide or take valuables like laptops, video games, even firearms, with you if you leave town.

“If they break in and they can’t find anything, then all you have is a broken door,” Gilland said.

Write down serial numbers so valuables can be tracked if stolen.

Shutting blinds and blocking sliding doors prevents people from seeing inside your home, so you’re not a potential target.

The police department also says to bring in your boxes and packages, or have them delivered somewhere else. The United States Postal Service expects to deliver over 900 million packages this holiday season, which can tempt thieves.

Gilland also said students and residents can use to see theft in their area.

CrimeReports shows that over Thanksgiving Break last year, there were 41 property crimes. Some simple steps can keep you from becoming a victim.

Janie Bohlmann is a senior journalism major.


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