SHHUGA Presents 3rd Annual Project Condom

Athens, GA- Project Condom combines fashion, dancing, stepping, and singing. Sexual Health Helpers at UGA had their third annual Project Condom Ffashion show on Tuesday. The show uses condoms for all of their designs.

SHHUGA Executive Director Melanie Lucash says, “In using condoms to make the dresses, we are trying to debunk myths about condom use and also normalize condom use. We get a lot of different reactions. Some of them are appalled that we are out there in the first place. Some of them get very offended, but our intention is definitely not to offend anyone.”

There is a debate over whether abstinence or safe sex should be taught.

Student Liza McLain says, “To me, abstinence is obviously the best way to promote safe sex and prevent pregnancies, but I think teaching safe sex is a great idea. They’re gonna believe what they want to believe and I believe what I I believe. I’m saving myself for marriage.”

Whatever your choice, this group wants everyone to stay informed.

Reporter: Danielle Barker



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