Smoking Ban on Campus

The Board of Regents discussed a proposed ban on tobacco products today. The ban prohibits anyone on campus from using tobacco products. There was no vote taken today on the issue. The University of Georgia allows smoking on campus beyond 35 feet of any building entrance.

UGA Chief of Police, Jimmy Williamson explains their responsibility of enforcing the policy. “I work for the University of Georgia and if the Board of Regents determines the policy for the University of Georgia, it’s my duty to make sure we do everything we can to support the rules.”

Smokers are seen lighting up outside of the Tate Center, including Sandra McGury. If the ban is adopted, she says people may find a different location to smoke.

“They’ll probably walk over there to the public street because it’s not on campus.”

Gainesville State College, Piedmont College, and Athens Technical College already have a campus-wide ban on smoking in place. If adopted, the ban would affect all 31 campuses in the University System of Georgia and would take effect on July 1st.

The ban would extend the state law that currently prohibits smoking in all public buildings.


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