Sprinkler Causes Flooding in UGA Psychology Building



Psychology students had a surprise this morning when they arrived for class and saw that the psychology building has been flooded early this morning.

A new sprinkler system that was recently installed in the building was triggered for around 3:30 a.m. and water poured from the 5th floor mechanical room for almost 35 minutes.

Responding services arrived and upon discovering that there was no threat of a fire in the building, shut off the water.

Students and faculty were informed of the flooding through a series of emails sent just hours after the flooding occurred.

Graduate student Anna Hulett said that she was told about the flooding by a fellow grad student. She came early to the building to check and make sure none of her possessions were damaged by the water.

It is still unknown as to what triggered the sprinkler system. Services were on the scene early this morning to remove objects that had been contaminated by the water and assess the full damage in hopes to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Powerful fans will continue to dry wet areas for the next three days, and classes will resume as scheduled tomorrow.


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