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– Jackson County Board of Education closed West Jackson Primary School, reduced the millage rate and kept the bond rate the same. Reporter Lana Harris will explain the specifics of what happened and why there were able to do this in today’s broadcast.

Reporter Lana Harris talking with Jackson County superintendent April Howard.


– Who will be starting at quarterback for UGA this weekend? Reporter Sammy O’Brien has the answers from coach Mark Richt.

Head Coach Mark Richt at press conference after win Saturday vs. Southern.
Head Coach Mark Richt at press conference after 38-10 loss against the University of Alabama.


– Over 500 people are still without power in Northeast Georgia after storms ripped through the state this weekend. Reporter Jordan Mecca has the latest updates and steps being taken to replace power.

Power Outages
Power Outages in Northeast Georgia as of 9:30 a.m. October 4. (via