Student Hunger

Athens, GA–More students at UGA are getting off the meal plan because its to expensive. Reporter Wes Clark investigates to see how students are getting creative with finding food

Chopping potatoes, washing beans, and carrying food to the pan. Fabrice Julien is one of a couple students who cooks his own meals. He says that he isn’t on the meal plan because its pricey.

“Being on the meal plan is expensive. It’s about two thousand dollars a semester on food, and I spend about two hundred each month getting all the food that I need. And I’m still able to eat healthy and save a lot of money” said Julien.

Jeanne Fry who is the Executive Director for Food Services says that as much as they value student opinions they don’t want to lower the cost of the meal plan.

“We are a business. We have to operate as a business.I cannot build a business model on the opinions of students who are going to be here this year and gone next year” said Ms. Fry

As for Fabrice he says that not being on the meal plan has taught him a number of valuable lessons.

“I learned how to be creative with my meals and how to balance a budget” said Julien.

If you would like to pick up food from the Student Pantry they are located in Memorial Hall room 208. They are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-2pm. They are also open Tuesday and Thrusday from 10am-12pm


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