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Why So Many Ads ?

Athens, GA-Sometimes it feels like it’s almost all you see when your turn on ...

Live: State of the Union

Pres. Barack Obama address Congress, the nation

State of the Union

Local Political experts say the biggest challenge facing the president is bi-partisan cooperation. Reporter ...

Live Video: Pres. Obama Announces Gun Control Proposals

Live Video: Pres. Obama announces proposals to increase gun control

President Obama’s Press Conference

In case you missed the President’s press conference this afternoon, we have some of ...

Candidates Discuss Amendment One

Two candidates running against one another in the biggest local race agree on one ...

Georgia Redistricting And Partisan Influence

If you are registered to vote, you could be voting a supermajority into the ...

Replay of 2012 Presidential Debate

Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney debate from New York’s Long Island

Live Video: Vice Presidential Debate

Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan debate from Kentucky

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