The Creature is Coming: New Athens Brewery Gearing up for Twilight Debut

ATHENS, GA — There’s a creature coming to Athens… Creature Comforts Beer, to be exact.

The final boards are laid, the last knobs tightened, and the music is pumping as the guys of Creature Comforts Brewing Company prepare to brew their first barrel. Brewer Blake Tyers says he hopes today marks a change in the average beer experience for locals.

“We can change the experience that people are used to with beer, and put a new flavor on it. So we take ourselves seriously in that sense,” said Tyers. “But we like to have a good time and be relaxed about it.” Tyers, along with co-owners Adam Beauchamp and David Stein, is one of the driving forces behind the company.

Work hard, play hard is the motto. The crew certainly has plenty of that on the menu. Tyers says they went through fifteen different versions of the IPA brewed today before they were satisfied. But they are still in for a good twelve hours of brewing on their first day, with some good music and good vibes to work with.

“I love 50s, 60s, 70s rock. We kind of all share that,” Tyers said. He says customers can expect the same sort of atmosphere when they visit the brewery, with some international “experimental” music mixed in.

Good music may get the crew through the first day, but Tyers says it’s the long term goal of sharing his passion with his friends that keeps him focused.

The Creature Comforts crew plans to open the doors in one month at the annual Twilight festival in downtown Athens, but for now they’re taking it one barrel at a time.

Cydney Adams reporting for Grady NewSource.


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