The FINAL Debate: Is it Worth Watching?

Early Voting Line at Athens Board of Elections Downtown

More than 20 people are in line at the Athens Board of Elections office for early voting– and the lines have been just as long since Monday, October 17. Athens Resident Jobeth Allen is voting early and will not be watching the final debate. Allen says she “can’t stand to watch Donald Trump for one more minute than [she has] to.”

Debate experts are wondering how many people will even tune into the final debate with the early voting turnout being so extensive.

Not everyone is able to take part in voting…nor will they be able to vote at all. An international Ph.D. student says although he’s not a citizen, he has been “keenly following” the debates. Another Athens resident will be voting for the first time since becoming a citizen earlier this year. She believes that people should still pay attention to the debate because certain topics such as Trump’s scandals, Clinton’s WikiLeaks releases, and the Supreme Court nominees should be discussed.

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By: Nylah Oliver


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