Thursday Crime Update


-Athens, GA

Athens-Clarke County police have arrested two people within last 24 hours. Daniel Franklin Cruz and Charles W. Stewart were arrested earlier this morning for their involvement in a fight. Police say one of these other males had bitten a female in the bar on the buttocks. Another female who did not want to identify herself said the offender had fondled her breast but she did not want to press charges. After arrests were made, a 23-year old male and a 19-year old female told police they had encountered the offender and his friend outside the bar. They stated that he tried to kiss them but they pushed him away. They both also said that they witnessed the assault on the female victim. Both men were charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Cruz was also charged with sexual assault.

Stanley Demario Arnold was arrested yesterday for breaking into a car and stealing $6,000. He was charged with entering auto. Two other suspects were bought in for questioning but were released once police determined that they were not involved in the crime.

In addition to these arrests, two burglaries that occurred yesterday were also reported to Athens-Clarke County authorities. Kernisha Faust told authorities that her Carriage Ct. home was broken in. TVs that valued $1600 were reported stolen. Police also reported that Robert Elder’s home on Wood Lake Dr. was burglarized. They say the items stolen were jewelry, a handgun, shot guns,gun cases, TAC light, magazines, and ammunition. The total value of these items were $2,260.

By: Ian Saunders


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