UGA Organizations Fight Against Human Trafficking

1934690_995169553865403_430004858597046070_nA third suspect has been charged with human trafficking that police say occured at the Days Inn Motel in Athens last month. This incident and many more like it are what prompted UGA Amnesty International to start a campaign against human trafficking.

Today they were at Tate to provide information about the issue. They also encouraged students to sign a petition for Georgia legislature to adopt more protection for human trafficking victims who are children.

Amnesty International UGA is not the only organization taking action. This Saturday UGA’s International Justice Mission is hosting an event to “stand for freedom” against human trafficking. Amnesty International UGA member Sarah Dowling said that human trafficking deals with more than just sex.

“People don’t realize that the clothes that they’re wearing or the food that they’re eating was directly touched by someone who is not free… some who’s trapped,” said Dowling.

Amnesty International will also hold a Human Trafficking Awareness panel tonight from 7 to 8:30pm. Students will engage with a panel of experts about possible solutions to human trafficking. The panel includes Georgia’s statewide Prosecutor Camila Wright, FBI Crisis Negotiator Nathan Whitemen and Director of Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network Monica Khant.



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