UGA ‘Parking Holiday,’ Fines Lead to Debate

The “Parking Holiday” may make some people happy, but parking fines on campus have many others upset.

One student was in tears when she saw that her car was booted. She says she wrote a note saying that she was running late to class and that she would be right back to move it. She is not the only person upset.

Student Charlotte Burney says “I applied for a parking pass and I didn’t get one, so every time I need to go somewhere on campus– more often than not, I come back to a ticket on my car.”

A lot of students, faculty, and staff are dismayed by fines that come with tickets. Charlotte Burney thinks it’s really overpriced because it’s 40 dollars.

Don Walter, Manager of Parking Services says, “It’s a deterrent–the higher the citation, the more people are going to consider whether they should violate the parking rules or not.”

Parking services says the money goes to their general revenue to cover expenses like parking decks,vehicles,and personnel.

We have filed a Freedom of Informations act to get parking services’ budget and revenue records. We expect to get that information sometime next week.

Bailey Anderson




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