Bubba Watson Has A New Ride

Athens, Ga– It goes over water, it goes over green, and it hovers over the ground. This vehicle is called a hover craft. 
This golf cart had to use a bridge to get over the water.

In a hover craft I can go anywhere on the golf course I want, including over the water.  The hover craft incorporates all the features of a golf cart but it rides on a bubble of air. The best part about it. well it can go anywhere..

Bubba Watsons says, “Lets have fun, lets go through the water hazard, come off the other side, right by the green, put your ball in the hole, and drive back across the water hazard. and who doesn’t want to do that?” 

The hover craft is more efficient than golf carts because of its light weight and its much more fun. 

I don’t think it would compact the grass as much the way it kind of floats of the top of the grass  This new hover craft may be the future of golf. I’m Hannah Patrick, Grady Newsource.




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