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Athens – Anyone expecting ice or snow today woke up disappointed. University of Georgia classes were only delayed until 9:30 and the weather is currently dull and cloudy but there is no snow on the ground.

The cold weather seems to be on its way out. We’ll see a steady rise in temperature over the next couple of days. We won’t see those higher temperatures yet though. Northeast Georgia will still be below freezing tonight, especially in those areas that got the snow last night.

Tonight in Athens we will have a low of 30 degrees and mostly cloudy skies.

Northeast Georgia will start to warm tomorrow with temperatures getting the warmest further south.

Tomorrow’s forecast will start out a little chilly at 35 but will warm up going into the afternoon with a high of 48 degrees under mostly sunny skies. The cold front has completely moved on leaving warmer weather behind.

We can expect a pretty similar trend in temperature over the next couple of days with some cloud coverage. Then on Sunday and Monday the chance of rain will climb to 40 and then 60 percent.

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