Weaver D’s Gives One Last Cry For Help

Athens, Ga– After 27 years and a call to action, Weaver D’s on Broad street is up for sale. Reporter Hannah Patrick talked to Weaver D about his plan.

Weaver D’s is on the Album cover of REM, for it’s famous slogan, “Automatic, For the People.” As soon as you walk in the door you can hear the employees shout “Automatic.”

Weaver D’s character is known throughout the community, especially by his employees. Alex Griffith says, “he’ll keep ya smilin.”

Weaver D’s has been open for for 27 years. They used to have parties of about 100 to 300 people. But now they are only seeing parties of about 30 to 40. Weaver D says Ga Power may be turning off his lights.

Last October Weaver d’s went public to the community about they’re financial struggle. For a while people were coming in record amounts. Weaver D said,

“They showed an out pour of love, So we’re asking the same thing again”

However, that did not last. Dexter Weaver has put the building up for sale. Weaver D is not only concered for his business though. Dexter says,

“not only are we trying to make an appeal for the business, but we have other employees that need jobs also.

Weaver D says the eoconomy has reduced the amount of catering he does and his parties are no where near what they used to be. He doesn’t know how much longer they will be open, but says he will make sure to let the community know. Weaver D says,

“so people can come get their last plates…. of Weaver D’s.”

Weaver D says he is willing to stay open and still cook under a different owner, but he is also willing to let it go. Hannah Patrick, grady newsource.


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  • TY Young

    Tragic news here.

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