Where’s the Milk?


With the weather taking over once again, certain items in our local grocery stores look a bit bare. Milk, bread, meat, and bananas seem to be the first to go. And store managers say that means you’d better get what you need now…even though they have ordered extra!

Although many grocery stores got hit hard last night, they seem to have recovered for now. Linda Sherrer is the dairy manager at Kroger on Barnett Shoals. She said the store was wiped out completely yesterday, this included salad items, bananas, breads, and cheeses. Sherrer says the store ordered double the amount of products to stay stocked through the storm. They are even expecting another truck today.

She says today is not their concern, but rather Thursday. With the prediction of major freezing tonight, she says it will be almost impossible for the trucks to arrive on Thursday. However they are confident they have ordered enough product to keep the shelves as full as possible.

So, if you haven’t already stocked up on groceries, Sherrer says to do so before the roads become extremely dangerous.


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