By: Karli Barnett

You might be afraid to look under the bed, but the investigators of GROUP Paranormal sure will!

Joel Saumelson and John Whitmire are not afraid of places like spooky cemeteries.

“We have clients… private residences,” explains Samuelson. “We come out and try to, not look for existence of spirits, but we look to try and debunk everything.”

The homeowners say their three-year-old sees something in his room.

“It’s a little boy whose yellow and has boo-boos and plays with his toys,” the mother says. “All I could think was “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! And I wondered if there really were ghostbusters, so I did a Google search. And sure enough there were.”

The investigators claim energy-sensing technology can help them track possible spirits.

We went to the attic and turned out the lights to see if we could pick anything up on the energy tracker.

And we did. One of the times it reacted was when asked “Do you like trucks?”

Samuelson claims that because it interacted, that would be an intelligent haunting.

When it comes to ghosts, they have seen it all.

“I have had a book thrown at me,” notes Whitmire. I’ve been pushed, slapped. I haven’t been scratched… yet. But, just give it time.”

The two say this is their hobby. They do not even get paid. But their work is often misunderstood.

“We are trying to prove, for our own purposes, that there is life after death. Because isn’t that what everybody is looking for?”

And to the skeptics that do not believe in ghosts Whitmire has two words:

“Just wait.”

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