Skip Trip to Jail (And Some of Your Tax Refund) with TRIP

That traffic ticket you skipped out on could pay for itself — with your tax refund money.

Based on a state law enacted in 2014, courts have started intercepting the state income tax refunds of people who haven’t paid traffic tickets or other court fines. The courts see the fine paid while scofflaws see less money in their tax refunds.

The new program is being called TRIP: Tax Refund Intercept Program. TRIP allows for money to be taken out of your pocket when you file your tax refunds. If you don’t pay your traffic tickets, here’s what will happen:

The Municipal Court will send you a notice giving you 30 days to pay your ticket or else they will pass the judgment along to the Department of Revenue. If the D.O.R gets the judgment from the Municpal Court, they will send you another notice giving you another 30 days to pay your ticket. If you still fail to comply, the D.O.R will flag your account when you file for your tax refunds.

The amount you owe will then be taken out of your state tax refunds. TRIP cannot affect your federal tax refunds.

Other courts taking part in the initial pilot project are Fulton County Municipal Court, Bibb County Superior Court, Conyers Municipal Court, Dalton Municipal Court, Ludowici Municipal Court and Millen Municipal Court.


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