Apparently many Georgia voters still don’t know who to vote for. This has been a trend for the last 10 years according to Dr. Audrey Haynes, an Associate Professor in Political Science at the University of Georgia.

She says that voter indecisiveness is at its peak when voters have more options. When the candidate lineup is unstable, the decision about who to vote for is more difficult. The more decisions the voter has to make, the more indecisive they become.

This election cycle started with 16 Republican candidates and 3 Democratic candidates, and is now down to 5 and 2 respectively. Volatility has become the status quo, and with volatility comes indecision.

Even the manager of the Oconee County Civic Center Precinct said she did not make her decision until she walked into the Civic Center early this morning.

Daniel Jackson – Grady Newsource