Here’s Thursday’s top 5 stories for northeast Georgia news:

1. Sine Die. Today is the last day of legislation in the Georgia General Assembly, and the last day to get bills passed. Reporter James Thompson takes us through this complex process, and what it could mean for certain bills.

2. Lawsuit and Sexism. An ex-deputy is suing Oconee county’s current sheriff over alleged gender-based discrimination. Reporter Danielle Lewan finds out the details of this case, and whether it will affect the sheriff’s re-election or not.

3. Let the Big Dags Eat Real Food. Today from 12-3 at the University of Georgia, Herty Field will host a “pop-up” farmer’s market. The event is used to promote a petition to bring “real food” to UGA dining halls. Reporter Ryan Sander will attend the event and get details of the petition’s goal.

4. Parking Prices. You may have to pay more or less in the future, depending where you park in Athens. Reporter Cameron Martinez finds out how this proposal could make parking easier for some and harder for others.

5. 90 days. That’s how long public college athletic associations would have to withhold public records if a senate bill passes. The bill has already cleared both legislative houses. Reporter Joe Ali gets the details on the bill, and how it could directly affect the University of Georgia.

Stay tuned for updates on these stories and more throughout the day.


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