Winder Smash and Grab Robbery


Here you can see just how determined these robbers were in order to get their hands on 21 guns in this Winder Pawn shop.

They managed to get in and out in three minutes flat.

Officer Cooper of the Winder Police Department said,

“that’s seventeen handguns and four long guns, there was one shot gun, one hunting rifle, and one AR-15 rifle, which is what military and law enforcement carry.”

although you can’t see their faces, the robbers can be seen leaving things they touch.

Officer Cooper feels confident about the investigation.

“In this case we located items they left behind and we’ve followed the leads that has presented us.”

When we arrived over here construction workers had just boarded up this front wall, where that truck did come through.

Though it is boarded up, the shop is still open, and construction is expected to last at least a week.