Human Rights Rally

 This house might be forgotten, but for many people the name “Trayvon Martin” has a special meaning.  They say the tensions over social issues are far from abandoned.
 The organizer of the rally, Ricky Roberts, notes why she wanted to be involved.

“There was going to be a national call for communities to come together on the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. I just thought, ok. Let me try to pull some people together and make sure that we get respresented in Athens.”

 “The Justice for All: Solidarity Rally” is a national movement made local.

Roberts says the national issues being covered are “Justice for Trayvon Martin, jobs not mass incarceration, immigrants rights issues, and living wage.”

And the Athens rally will have an important addition.

“In Athens I thought it was appropriate that we interject LGBT equality.” says Roberts. “Because that’s very much, to me, a part of civil rights. It’s a part of social justice.  The rally will be held here at the Arch at 6:00 on Wednesday. It’s purpose is not only to raise awareness about Trayvon Martin, but all other forms of social injustice.”

A participant in the rally, Lisa Rainford, says that it is more than a racial issue.

“That was a really big thing back then for that march, so nowadays, it’s not just about black people it’s about everyone that’s around and everyone needs their civil rights.”
 Roberts hopes it will be a significant event in Athens history.

 “Because you can talk about it and talk about it all day long,” says Rainford. “But when you actually do something about it, that is a little bit more profound.”

 Participants say it’s time to stop talking. And start taking a stand.


Reporter: Karli Barnett

Photographer: Brenna Bocinsky

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