ALT Community Gardens Push for Ordinance Change

Athens, GA — With temperatures finally on the rise, now seems as good a time as any to get outside and start working in your garden. You can eat or give away the crops you grow, but don’t try selling them because its against city ordinance — at least for now.

But, we may see a change in this very soon. The West Broad Community Garden, located at an abandon elementary school, is 1 of 13 community gardens set up by the The Athens Land Trust. The gardens are located in low-income neighborhoods around Athens with the goal of providing produce at a low cost to those in need.

Due to local ordinances, the West Broad garden is the only one that is actually able to sell what they sow. The issue of selling locally grow produce has become a topic of discussion and the athens commission plans to discuss changes that may make it possible for other community gardens to sell their crops as well.

The County Commission will meet next Tuesday and plans to discuss the issue but Commissioner Girtz says it will be a few months before any actual changes are agreed upon and put into action.

By: Alli Christensen


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