Athens’ Park and Ride Lacks Participants


The Oconee Street Park and Ride opened January 24th. Few cars were there at the beginning and it turns out, things have not changed much.

I feel like the park and ride is used on a very limited basis right now because it is new, people don’t understand it. They don’t understand the available options for transit they have right now. We are just trying to get the word out so people know in the future what is available for them, Director of Athens Transit System Butch McDuffie said today.

This park and Ride cost about two million dollars and was funded by a federal transit adminastration grant back in 2006, but some may question if it was really needed.

There is always a huge need for parking in the Athens Clarke-County community, whether you are in downtown, or around campus. Yes, I think it is needed, said McDuffie.

Officials say this project was a thought-out plan and took almost 10 years to get this park and ride built ,but some might also question the location.

Now with the location and design, it is difficult to get in and out of the park and ride. Some drivers are forced to make u-turns at busy intersections because of a median.

But good news about that problem. There are plans to purchase land across the street to build phase two for better access. But the question remains, will anybody use either lot?

Bailey Anderson


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