Barrow County Schools internet was hit with a similar cyber to attack to the one the University of Georgia experienced.

Network Manager, John St. Clair, explained they were hit by a Denial of Service Attack Tuesday morning.  This means it was not a virus, but a flood of traffic to their system, causing the system to slow to a halt.

The University of Georgia and Barrow County Schools both use the same internet provider from the Board of Regents known as, PeachNet.  The Board provides internet services for the university systems in Georgia and were recently awarded the contract to provide it for the K-12 systems in Georgia.

As soon as the attack began Tuesday morning they took action locally and with PeachNet.  Around 4:45 p.m. yesterday, Barrow felt they had the situation under a reasonable level of control.


This morning we confirmed with Justin Edwards at Barrow County Schools, that the problem seems to be resolved for now.  There were some lingering problems last night, but as of now the system is good.  St. Clair added that “the attack is still continuing but our mitigation efforts seem to be working, and internet access is working with occasional issues.”

-Brett Homer


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