Bike Safety

  • Cyclist deaths are up 42 percent from 2012
  • Cyclists explain the precautionary measures they take to stay safe
  • Director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety encourages cyclists to wear reflective gear

Cyclists are out, despite the frigid temperatures and the increase in cyclist deaths. There were 19 cyclist fatalities in 2012. That number has risen to 27 this past year. That’s according to the unofficial numbers from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

UGA Police offer several tips on how to stay safe while riding your bike.  They offer the tip that a safe cyclist is a visible cyclist.

Cyclist, Connor Shields, says,

“My pack has some reflective stripping along the side and I have some shoes that have reflective stripping on them. But for the most part I rely on my bike to do the work for me.”

Cyclist, Tiffany Eberhart, says,

“At night, I think it’s important to at least wear something bright on you. … But I would have to go out and buy more gear if I wanted to do that. … But at night I think maybe that wold be a good idea for more bikers to wear reflective gear.”

Athens Police Chief Jimmy Williamson does not think a lot of people will heed the warning.  He says,

“Very few wear bicycle helmets, so if they don’t see the need to wear a helmet I think it’s going to be really difficult for them to see the need to wear reflective clothing.”

Director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Harris Blackwood, says that Athens is a huge bicycle area for students. He says there will be a press conference in Atlanta tomorrow encouraging Georgians to take precaution and proper safety measures. He adds that there will be demonstrations of proper bike gear and statewide bike organizations in attendance, including Bike Athens.

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