Boil Water Advisory for Oconee County

A boil water advisory has been issued to the following areas in Oconee County: city of Watkinsville, Barnett Shoals Road, Simonton Bridge Road and Greensboro Highway. This advisory is due to a severe water main break and interruption of service. The Oconee County Utility Department sent out an email and posted about the water break on social media early Wednesday morning.

To properly boil your water, the water needs to be boiled for at least one minute after coming to a complete rolling boil. The Oconee County Utility Department advised that all water used for drinking, cooking, or preparing many food needs to be boiled.

Citizens in the area need to continue to boil their water until Oconee Utility Department states otherwise.

For more information call the Oconee County Utility Department: 706-769-3960 or check the County website for additional updates.

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By: Lauren Herbert