Call Center Connects Athens People With Needed Services


Community connection runs a 211 call center, organizes volunteers, and runs community events. They serve to connect people with different social services they might need, like finding shelter or paying medical bills. They also work with St Mary’s and Athens Regional Hospitals to assess the needs of citizens, why they need them, and how they can resolve them.


Community Connection connects people with social services they need. It is a nonprofit organization that has now launched a call center to connect people with social services in Athens and surrounding counties. All Athens residents have to do is dial 211 and Community Connection coordinates volunteers to fill the needs of people of Athens. Reporter Jacob Moore takes you inside this service for the Athens community.

Volunteers hard at work at the new Athens Call Center.
Community Connection Staff hard at work.


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  • Thomas

    You guys are doing awesome job. call center is very broad field, it provides employment to thousands of people across the world. its give the opportunity to grow individual career.


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