New Football Helmet Sensors Concussions






University of Georgia athletic medical researchers are on the forefront for concussion data related to football hits. These sensors detect where the most force is striking on the helmet, and if a player is in danger of brain damage from their tackling techniques.

Helmet Safety

The helmet sensors read hit impacts and how susceptible a hit could be towards a concussion. It also detects where on the head a player is taking the impact of most of his tackles. If players tend to get most of the impact on top of their heads then coaches can work with players on tackling skills to avoid injury. Reporter Zack Watson interviewed  Dr. Julian Schmidt an assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Georgia. Dr. Schmidt said that UGA, along with 15 other NCAA schools, are on the forefront of helmet concussion research. These schools are working intensely to improve the safety of collegiate football players.


Reporter Zack Watson at UGA's Athletic Department Training Room
Reporter Zack Watson at UGA’s Athletic Department Training Room