Cyber Security

One of President Obama’s five key talking points in his State of the Union Address tonight is cybersecurity.

Doctor Craig Allen Piercy the Director Master of Technology Program and Senior Lecturer says “What President Obama is going to talk about tonight in the State of the Union I think is going to have a lot to do with how the government is going to combat what we call cyberterrorism.”

Security theatre, scam emails, and phishing are all forms of cyber terror.

Security theatre is the illusion of a grand title and promise for complete safety when it is actually designed to get your personal information.

He says, “Part of that is keeping our government installation secure but also keeping economy types installation secure because that’s also national security. If they take down our economic system, ya know government and life falls as well.”

Doctor Piercy gives an example of phone phishing as someone who calls and claims to be from your cell phone provider. He says they may tell you something is wrong with your account. He says they may ask for the last four digits of your social security number. He says this is also a trick to get access to personal information.

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