Georgia Forestry Commission Responds to Fires Across State


The smoky skies may not clear up anytime soon. The Georgia Forestry Commission is responding to a record number of fires across the state. They say that fire conditions are rough and they don’t see much relief on the horizon.

State Forestor Robert Farris explains how severe droughts have caused more than a 200% increase in wildfires across the state.

In just the past four days, officials have responded to more than 175 wildfire calls in the state. The USDA has two spots in Northeast Georgia that meet the most severe fire conditions. Parts of Oconnee and Nantahala Forests are classified as Type 1 incidents. Experts like Farris say the extreme drought may contuie to fuel these fires.

Across the state, local communities have enacted a burn ban in order to prevent new fires. In just one day there were 24 new fires as nearly half of the state is in an extreme drought.

By: Taylor Cromwell


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