Four Athens Gives Advice to Local Business Startups

Coffee wasn’t the only thing being spilled today at Rook and Pawn. Students and entrepreneurs came out today to hear advice from Four Athens, a local organization that supports start up businesses. Brad Glisson was in the crowd and is a former UGA student. He now calls himself an entrepreneur. 

“I called just some random startup in California, like hey how do i start a company, and he was like hey thanks for calling it’s not for the faint of heart,” Glisson says.

Brad started his company back in 2011, and wants to expand his business to other states in the future. Jim Flannery, who is the executive director of Four Athens says to learn more about the business, you should start as an intern. 

“They’ll get to experience a broader swath of the business community that they may not otherwise get to experience,” Flannery says.

Other local business that have started right here in Athens include Bar and Magnolia, Humono, and Roundsphere. Brad Glisson says a lot of passion has to go into starting a business, and if you want it go for it. 

“If you really are passionate about that, I would say don’t get into it unless your ready to marry the idea. You want to be known for the problem your solving.”

By: Ariel Mallory

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