Grady Explains: Georgia Gun Laws

Grady Newsource is here to explain some of the basics of owning and using a gun in Georgia.

Do I need a license to purchase a gun?

No, but Georgia law requires that gun dealers do not sell firearms to someone until the Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducts and approves a background check.

Do I need a license to carry a firearm?

You need a valid Weapons Carry License if you would like to carry a weapon anywhere that is not your private property. If you do not have a valid Weapons Carry License, you may only carry your gun on your property, such as your home, car, or place of business.

If I have a valid Weapons Carry License, can I use my gun whenever and wherever I want?

No, you still have some restrictions. You may not:

  • Aim a gun at someone without legal justification. It does not matter whether or not the gun is loaded.
  • Fire a gun within 50 yards of a public street or highway without legal justification.
  • Fire a gun on private property, unless you have permission from the property owner.
  • Fire a gun while you are intoxicated.

Can minors carry guns?

Minor may only carry guns if they:

  • Are participating in hunter education or firearm safety courses.
  • Are practicing target shooting at a range.
  • Are participating in a competition or performance that requires guns.
  • Have the permission of their parents and are on their parents’ property.

What is “concealed campus carry?”

Concealed campus carry allows a weapons carry license holder to carry a gun on a public university, college, or technical school campus, as long as it is in a bag or covered by a piece of clothing. This does not apply to certain campus areas such as dorms, faculty offices, or places used for sporting events.

Can I carry a gun on other school campuses?

No, you cannot carry a gun within a school safety zone, at a school function or building, or on a school bus. There are a few exceptions for people such as law enforcement officers, state and federal attorneys, and authorized teachers.

For more information on the do’s and do-not’s of gun possession in Georgia, take a look at The Official Code of Georgia.


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