Grady Newsource Profiles: Justin Scott-Wesley

Once a standout wide receiver for the Georgia football team, Justin Scott-Wesley is now pursuing a career in the music industry. Number 86 on the field, he was a major piece of the Bulldogs offense during the 2013 season; having huge plays versus both South Carolina and LSU. Scott-Wesley’s 2013 season came to a screeching halt in Knoxville, Tennessee when he tore his ACL in the third quarter. He rehabbed back from the season-ending injury, only to suffer more minor injuries throughout the 2014 season. It was an MCL tear prior to the start of this 2015 season that ended his career in football.

Since then, Scott-Wesley has shifted his career path to music. He says everybody knows their career in football will end one day, his day just came a little sooner than expected. Scott-Wesley wants other athletes to hear his story and realize that their life as an athlete can be snatched away with little to no notice and to always be ready with a back-up plan. For him, music was that back-up plan and it has served as a platform to tell his story.


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