Gunsmith’s Craft Show in its Final Days

Hillary Brown, Director of Communications, describes different gunsmith crafts at the Georgia Museum of Art on Feb. 20.

The Georgia Museum of Art’s “Artful Instruments” exhibition displays the craftsmanship of Georgia gunsmiths and focuses on the history of our state’s fire-arms.

Hillary Brown, Director of Communications, says she doesn’t want the museum’s “Artful Instruments” exhibitions to be taken the wrong way.

Brown says, “I mean, one of the things that’s interesting about this show is how many different crafts these objects demonstrate. It’s easy for us just to see them for their intended purpose, but they’re very beautiful and they’re highly decorated.”

The exhibit primarily features nineteenth century rifles, long guns, and some of the names and faces behind the production.

Brown says the Artful Instruments Exhibition is the show on Georgia gunsmithing, and that no other show has been done like this one. She says this is because Georgia’s history for such craftsmanship is often overlooked.

“Because our state was less wealthy than a lot of the states surrounding it, and so the decorative arts scholarship that has grown up around that field – people don’t really see Georgia as a place to have beautiful decorative arts and that important decorative arts came out of,” said Brown.


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