Who’s the Victim?

“For me, here at the University of Georgia, being able to experience the things that I have experienced…I’m tired,” said Caroline Bailey, President of the Black Affairs Council.

Caroline Bailey woke up to this screenshot on her phone Monday morning. A message stated loud and clear on the Black Affairs Council’s FaceBook page. “Why can’t you dumb, dirty N#####s stop stinking up the place… Let UGA be RIGHT for good WHITE Christian students.”

Although this message was hurtful, Bailey was not surprised. “But I’m not surprised of the sentiments. I think I’m kind of numb to it.”

And this is the person who supposedly posted those remarks–Matthew Williams. Problem is… Williams says he didn’t do it.

“That’s funny because I am a Democrat,” said Williams.

Williams wants people to know he has nothing to do with the page or the creator of the account, “It’s not me. It’s someone who has an issue with me and I don’t know about them. I don’t really care about them at this point, because if they’re going to do this then they’re pretty dumb.”

We wanted to see if creating a fake FaceBook account was an actual crime. So, we contacted UGA police department and they told us that it wasn’t a crime. However, if the victim wanted to file a police report they would definitely look into it.

The problem is–there are two victims. The BAC is definitely one of them.

“I would invite them to come and spend a day in the life of an African American,” said Bailey.

But Williams may also be a victim as well, because if he didn’t do it–who did? After I showed him more of the offensive comments on the page, Williams said, “Cool, I know who it is.”

Although Williams wouldn’t tell us who he thinks the person is or what he’s going to do now,  we do know that Bailey has a lot in store. She plans on meeting with University officials and other students, but Bailey says the real crime is nothing will happen. She believes everything will go back to the way it has been and is.

Writer: Samantha German


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