Increased Concern over Synthetic Drugs: What’s the Problem?


Athens, Ga — Authorities are increasingly concerned with Synthetic recreational drugs use.  Although these drugs are legal to buy, the effects of using them can lead to brain damage and even death. These drugs are legal because they’re always changing. Chemists have gotten so good at modifying the chemical structure of these drugs that they fall outside of F-D-A regulation and the law. The two most popular synthetic drugs are a synthetic marijuana known as Spice and bath salts. They are marketed as legal alternatives to drugs like LSD, which is why people think they’re safe. One reason that users like them so much is because many of these drugs don’t show up in standard drugs tests.

Randall Tackett is a professor at the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy. He says people are not dying from these drugs because of overdosing, but because of the unknown and untested compounds in them. He also says the hallucinogens in them are causing problems. People on these drugs are going out of their mind to the point of even trying to kill other people and themselves. Every time the law is changed to make these synthetic drugs illegal, the compounds are changed to make them legal… then the process has to start all over again​.



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