Marching for a Stand

“Vice presidents and deans are gonna call me into their office, and we’re gonna sit down and talk about it. I’ve done this before. I’ve sat down and talked with people. It hasn’t done anything. We go back to living like it doesn’t exist,” said Caroline Bailey, the president of the Black Affairs Council.

Tuesday morning, Caroline Bailey fought through tears to tell me how she felt the administration at UGA wasn’t doing much about this post. “Why can’t you dumb, dirty N*****s stop stinking up the place? Let UGA be RIGHT for good WHITE Christian students.” The post was left on the Black Affairs Council’s (BAC) Facebook page a couple of days ago.

The vice president of Student Affairs, Victor Wilson, said they have already launched an investigation, because the posting does violate several University policies. “The EEO office are in the middle of investigating.” He says it’s up to the Equal Opportunity Office to decide what to do, but officials there would not talk with us.

Today, Bailey had no problems of telling me why she and the Black Affairs Council have decided to matters into their own hands and march for a stand. “It shows solidarity. It shows people coming together for a common cause. It’s the first step in the right direction. It brings a lot of attention to the things that we believe are important to us as students, here at the University of Georgia.”

Bailey reminds people this is supposed to be a special time…homecoming. “Homecoming is supposed to be a time of celebration, where you come back to the school you love. But when things like this happen… it begs the question, ‘well who’s really coming home? Whose home is this?”

Writer: Samantha German

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